Exciting News!!


So now not only am I typing on a bigger keyboard, I can also make my videos on YouTube. I am still working on the first book of Aquatica in its trilogy I call The Ventures of a Mermaid. Currently, part 5 is being edited for the channel. Meanwhile, I'll be making dance videos, lyric videos, and karaokes.

Yeah, I'm noticing all of it is music. Don't worry. Once I get my pro account back with Screen-O-Matic, I'll be doing the game walkthroughs/playthroughs on my other YouTube channel. I won't be able to finish Journey To The Center Of The Earth, unfortunately; I wish I could. I'll probably try installing it one more time to see if I can record with SOM.

To stay updated on my YouTube channels, you can either subscribe or follow my facebook page. I must go now if I'm to edit Part 5 for Aquatica. :)

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