Vine, vine, vine. I mean, fine!

I did it. I broke it.

I promised myself I wouldn't create another social platform until I had a bigger following. But I couldn't help myself. After all, I love Markiplier. And after watching some of his vine clips, well, let's just say I went insane. It seems his bubbly and awkwardly awesome self inspires me to be more me over the Internet.

So I went over my camera pictures one more time, since everything is on my PC now. And deleted a lot of photos. Plenty of space to install the Vine app. Et Viola! My Vine name is the same as my YouTube - TheEsperanza243. A little more easy for you all to find me.

Now I can't fall asleep. Cause I've been watching Danny Tamberelli vine clips. Lol. I'm remembering why I love this actor. I need to watch more of his stuff. Maybe some of that weird bromance stuff he's creating. 

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