Ghost Adventures in Ireland

So I'm in my apartment with the lights off, on the floor inside my makeshift tent. I can feel my heart pounding after watching tonite's aired episodes of Ghost Adventures. Let me explain more fully.

I sometimes wonder if I'm an empath. Only at certain times I can/do feel or sense things around me. Or even feel what others are feeling without experiencing it myself. Sometimes it even happens when I watch episodes that are airing on TV.

The second episode of tonite, Zak and his gang went to Ireland for a 720 yo castle. Where the Hellfire Club once held many rituals, killings, and whatnot. I gotta tell ya. Now you see why my heart is pounding.

That's the scariest episode I've ever seen. After watching, I felt spooked. No, it was more than spooked. I could almost feel the fear Zak had for Aaron. Or maybe it was from Aaron. I had to turn on a light, since I was watching this in the dark.

I can tell you one thing for sure. I'm gonna have a hard time falling asleep tonite. And that's not just because I'm gonna be sleeping on a tiled, concrete floor.

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