Stupid! Idiot! Gah!!

Fuck my stupidity and overzealousness! (Is that the right word to use?) If I had just gone downstairs at my calculated time, I wouldn't have freakin missed the city bus. Instead of waiting for tomorrow morning, I used my 75 cents for a wasted trip. >.<

I should've knocked at that closed ticket booth more. It was five minutes after the "info/pay" time for the day. They weren't actually gonna close until the last bus parked in their garage. Which happens to be around 8:30 or 9.

Out of frustration, at myself, and after the person I texted said she wasn't available, I started crying. I seriously didn't want to walk the fifteen minutes back home in the freakin cold. The crying is still going, and the frustration/pissed emotion is slightly going away. Now I'm just feeling ashamed. Cause I should have done this before my pass expired. >.>

Well, my worst case scenario has finally happened. I should've expected this to happen too. Seriously, it's not a worst case scenario, cause I get exercise out of it. But this means I have to postpone my shower to the afternoon, cause no way will I use my expired pass on the bus again. 

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