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I love to read, especially Magic Tree House, Boxcar Children, and A to Z Mysteries Super Edition.
I love using Netflix; they have helped me realize how much of a kid I am not and how much of an adult I am not.

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

2014 - A New Beginning

Normally, I find that title too typical to see, especially when it's used with the new year. This time, it's different. A new beginning rings true at the moment, especially after the brilliant Christmases I had last month - three of them.
Okay, so why did I have three Christmases? Well, my parents are divorced, so my sisters and I have separate times on Christmas day to be with each parent. The third Christmas was with my co-workers, and boy, did we have a blast! I don't think I have ever been so blessed and so spoiled at the same time - even on Christmas.
My sisters, mom, and my eldest sister's boyfriend chipped in together to get me a new computer. My eldest sister decided to make it a searching puzzle like she did with my 24th birthday celebration. Lol. Anyways, her boyfriend got me a new keyboard and mouse; I've already brutalized the mouse by obsessively playing cookie clickers. Who knew Windows 8 could be so much fun and addicting? xD Even my dad got me a new headphone and microphone. All I need now is a new monitor and desk. Hehe, just kidding.
So this year, not only do I have the best toys now, my guts and instincts decided to change about how I felt for the new year. I kept getting the bad feeling that I wouldn't have a good year. I don't intend on making any New Year resolutions, because in the past, I've never been able to complete them. This year will be different.
Instead of resolutions, I am making goals. I know how to make them and somewhat stick on a regular basis, but I still have trouble finishing them. Lol. Back to the point, I am determined to get things done. I am making five goals for 2014, which are listed below. What about you? Do you have resolutions or goals to complete? What are they?

2014 Goals to Accomplish =
1. Pay off close to 800 for my credit card by June.
2. Lose 20 to 50 pounds by June. (It's about time I get slimmer swimsuits.)
3. Hire an editor for one of my books. (Note to self: Still need to figure out what book that will be.)
4. Finish paying off my mother's loan.
5. Publish -- a -- book!! ^_^ And this time, I seriously am determined to do so.

Look out, world. Allison is finally coming out!
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