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Well, I made the goof of activating my credit card. I had hoped to save a bunch of money so I could use it when I'm ready for a cover art and an editor. It turns out I may not have enough for an editor. So pretty much, I have to talk to as many people as I can to get connections.

So far, one friend/writer and a secretary told me they know someone. I think I prefer the secretary. I can't remember who the friend was, anyways. I could always ask the authors and writers in the local critique group I'm in. Eh, oh well.

For the cover art... hmm, I may have to do it myself unfortunately. I don't know a thing about how to make one. Maybe someone in the critique group knows of someone. Wait, there is someone in the group who makes cover arts. But she uses images rather than painting and all that jazz. I'll figure something out.

But for any of that to work, I need to finish the revision of my book. I have decided to publish A Test of Wizardry. I used it in fact for Camp NaNo's April. Quite a bit has changed already, but there is still a ton to change. Instead of first person narration it originally had, it will be in third person. That way I can get in more details, but not too much that it will be like the script I wrote so many years ago. (Now that one I've barely touched in say, 3 - maybe 4 years. Yikes.)

I'm finally getting close to the ending of it though. I made calculations. It takes close to two hours just to get four and a half pages edited/revised. And I have 25 pages left. Good grief! To make things even more challenging, I'm working on three different books. The last video of The Westing Game book reading is next Friday, so the next project will start in a few weeks. Considering the challenges I have right now, I'll probably get to the project next month. I'm gonna have to think of something for the Fridays of May. Only uploading one video per week, to make things a little smoother for me. It's crazy, right?

LOL! I'm going insane!

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