Well... Add That Talent To The List

Okay, so I got this fancy first aid kit about two months ago. At the time, it was a bit like an impulse buy. I've been meaning to get an empty first aid kit every since I rented this apartment. That way I wouldn't have to ask someone else for band aids and the like, even for a sprain or fracture. (My best friend let me borrow her boot brace. Said she'll ask for it back the next time she needs it. That kind of trade thing.)

The thing about this first aid kit is that you gotta keep it locked. It came with a key. Only I seem to have misplaced it. I thought I put it somewhere I wouldn't forget. And I somewhat recall finding a key on my desk recently. I may or may not have thrown it away. >.< I realized this a few days ago and been mentally kicking myself ever since. But today, I got fed up with it. I knew I would need to get into it in the future.

So about twenty minutes ago, I bent a paper clip and took my fingernail file. I have watched movies and shows where characters are pick-locking. And have somewhat learned how to by playing Nancy Drew games and Skyrim, so that's what I attempted. I decided to pick-lock my first aid kit.

While I fiddled with it, I tried to remember the advice those magazines said in the Nancy Drew games, and the techniques in Skyrim. I knew I needed the clip to press on something while turning the file. I just needed to figure out which had to be on top. With little difficulty, I learned to lock AND unlock my first aid kit. Yay me!

Look out, world. I know how to lock-pick! xD

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